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Shots of That 100 Proof Hate: Bun B and Gucci Mane

Alright, so I finally thought of a better name for these. The reviews are called Hasty Generalizations because my ideal review format would require MUCH more time listening than I have available for each album. Most reviewers probably feel the same way, but given a real workload, I doubt any of them can give the subject album more than a few days’ attention before they finish writing. At least I’m admitting this fact every time I write that title. Anyways, I needed a name for these mini-reviews. Where I give my first or second impressions. Of albums that likely won’t get any more of my time. Hopefully the alcohol-theme doesn’t become corny…

Gucci Mane – Diary of a Trap God

GucciManeDiaryOfATrapGodDon’t ask me why I downloaded this. I’ve been trying to listen to everything. That’s my excuse for wasting an hour on this piss when I had two Joey Bada$$ albums waiting. The most interesting thing about Diary of a Trap God is that it’s so terrible. I’ve listened to some really bad music before, but this is inexplicably bad, a new level of migraine-causing shitty. Maybe his near-constant incarceration is the cause for this sounding like someone raided Gucci’s hard drive for random, poorly recorded throwaway verses and used them to throw an album together. I don’t care, Gucci’s finest moment was his so-so verse on Big Boi’s Shine Blockas, and clearly that was a fluke. He is probably everything that’s wrong with hip-hop, and this mixtape has NO redeeming qualities, not even the beats!

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