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Statik Selektah – Extended Play

Extended Play cover
I have no idea

I appreciate Statik Selektah for being a new(er) generation Northeast producer/DJ who doggedly sticks to that region’s boom-bap sound. But that devotion means that variety isn’t what anyone should come looking for on Extended Play. Statik’s script gets old sometimes, especially when he gives his weaker beats to less talented emcees, but I’d still strongly recommend this release to anyone who cared. Just don’t think of it as an album. Statik is calling it that, but getting a barcode and going above and beyond the photocopier at Staples for album inserts doesn’t stop this from being a mixtape. It has the usual hit-or-miss song quality, and the vast majority of the songs have a straightforward¬†structured where 2-3 rappers talk about nothing in particular, like all other mixtapes. Shoot, Amazon even has the digital version on sale for the long-standing traditional mixtape price of $5!

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How I Came to Redefine Classic

I think I’ve been laboring under the unrealistic idea that an album must be perfect for it to be considered classic. As if anyone could ever achieve perfection, even in the context of just one little old album. Even if you have a relaxed definition of perfection where every song just has to be good, not great, such a goal is nearly impossible.

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