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Shot of That 100 Proof: Jeezy – Church in These Streets

So… I hate this shit. Jeezy impressed me so much on Rick RossWar Ready, that I thought I’d give Church in These Streets a chance. Might be another fun time to give an opinion that no one asked for or wants from me, right? But, I really have nothing to say. Jeezy just isn’t a good rapper most of the time. I already expected vapid topics, but these subterranean levels of lyricism cannot be excused. Maybe he mainly tries on features? Anyway, in the interest of being as positive as possible, I’ll just briefly comment on the only songs that I may keep off this album.

Jeezy – Church in These Sreets

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Big K.R.I.T. – It’s Better This Way

After Cadillactica (sorry I never got around to reviewing that, but it’s mostly great), I’m settling into a groove with K.R.I.T. With each release, I enjoy the hell out of the songs about simple stuff like sex and cars, but I can’t be bothered with some of his more meaningful songs. Case in point, I’m really struggling with how to rate his latest mixtape, It’s Better This Way. It’s definitely not bad, but is it outstanding?

on the nose much?
on the nose much?

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Hasty Generalization: Tip (fka T.I.) – Da Nic EP

Though I haven’t been paying him much attention lately,
T.I. has been one of my favorite southern rappers since his début. His voice was what grabbed me but his catchy hooks and rarely-displayed lyricism kept one of my eyes on him throughout his career. He never had much to say that majorly interested me, but at least the music was fun. Having started as a gangsta rapper, then somewhat shifting towards more pop-friendly songs, Da Nic marks T.I.’s return to his roots in trap music, signified by using his old nickname, Tip. It’s also part of the lead-up to his next full release, The Dime Trap, which will also be a trap music release care of Tip. Too bad that even with just five songs (like a nickel bag, get it?), Da Nic still managed to bore me to pieces.

T.I. - Da Nic
This cover won a gold medal in the Generic Olympics

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Curren$y – Pilot Talk III

In a world where fewer and fewer musicians, rappers especially, are selling big quantities of albums, I love seeing that cats like Curren$y are continuing to find independent success in hip-hop. And I love that Troy Ave and Joey Bada$$ were even motivated enough to argue over who was the #1 indie artist, and that hip-hop media picked it up as news. The mainstream continues to disappoint, while the underground continues to thrive. Free from corporate expectations and meddling, these artists can make music that their fans want, almost assured of success.

I love the Pilot Talk series’ covers!

That’s what Curren$y has done since Pilot Talk, my introduction to his smooth, heavily sedated style of hip-hop. He knows what he does well and he does exactly that. At one point he described his sound as what a Crown Royal bag looks like, which I take to mean easy-going, elegant, and funky. That perfectly describes the best of Pilot Talk III, his latest collection of tunes suited for leisurely driving or relaxing. It’s so smooth, so chill but never drowsy, that I can’t help but enjoy it, even if it sounds monotonous at times.  Songs like Get Down, Long as the Lord Say,and Lemonade Mimosas show that he can still craft fantastic chill-out anthems.

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