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Dom Kennedy – By Dom Kennedy | Review

Dom Kennedy - By Dom KennedyStupid-lookin’ ass cover be damned, I really like By Dom Kennedy. I had basically no expectations coming into this album, only being barely aware of who Dom Kennedy was: some new West Coast rapper who featured on a pretty good song from Kendrick Lamar’s early mixtape, Overly Dedicated. The song wasn’t super impressive but it caught my attention enough to bring me here, so shout out to Kendrick for helping to make this happen.

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Hieroglyphics – The Kitchen

Hieroglyphics - The Kitchen

Another old jawn, cuz I do wot I wawnt!

In 2005, when I first learned of The Hieroglyphics crew, I was amazed at these West Coast rappers whose lyrics were as intricate as my East Coast favorites. I knew nothing of Del’s history, his connection to Ice Cube (they’re cousins!), or Souls of Mischief’s classic 93 Til Infinity. Don’t crucify me please! I’ve since learned, but I continue to be amazed that they’re just as sharp now as then. While my favorites like Nas have arguably fallen off, Hiero is still dropping dope albums like 2013’s The Kitchen. Continue reading Hieroglyphics – The Kitchen