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Pusha T – My Name is My Name

Pusha T - My Name Is My Name Cover

Forming an appropriately nuanced opinion for My Name is My Name has been very tough. I’ve been trying to digest this album for weeks. It would have been easy to dismiss it as a collection of boring drug-rap songs along with some desperate reaches for radio play, but I knew that it had to be more than that. Or more accurately, that was my hope. See, I like Clipse a lot. And with Malice going all born-again, Pusha is my best hope for continuing their lyricist drug dealer shtick. But my worry was that without Malice’s wittier wordplay, Pusha’s materialistic tendencies might get monotonous. So is MNIMN more than boring drug-rap? Yes. Read on to see how much more.

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Kendrick Lamar Tongue-Kisses Your Little Sister In Front Of You

While I was laying back, planning my next album assassination, Big Sean released a song called Control. Normally, such news would not be cause for me to waste any of my words, but this song included not only Jay Electronica, but Kendrick Lamar in his finest controversy starting form. I would say that Sean should be thanking Kendrick for the added attention, but pretty much no one is talking about any part of the song other than Kendrick’s verse. After this embed of the song, I’ll lay out my reaction to it and to everyone else’s reactions:

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Hasty Generalization – Mayhem Lauren and Pusha T

Meyhem Lauren – Respect The Fly Shit

Respect The Fly Shit cover
Message to rappers: stop letting your cover-art out-rhyme you

Meyhem Lauren reminds me of Sean Price, in that he doesn’t try to be much more than a grimy New York rapper. But where Sean Price has lyricism and humor to keep you interested, Meyhem’s style is completely straightforward. I mean, his flow is alright but he has nothing new to say and no interesting ways to say what he is saying. The beats he’s chosen for this mixtape are all pretty good, but none were good enough to hold a song down by themselves while he talks the same old New York tough-guy shit. This album is just a big bowl of meh.

 2/5 Hardcore fans of this style might appreciate it, everyone else should keep it moving.

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Can Rappers Form Worthwhile Groups?

In writing the review of the Demigodz’ great album Killmatic, I realized that it’s pretty rare for a rapper to have a group of his own that’s actually decent. I’m talking about groups that people came up with like Eminem’s D12 and groups they created like Snoop Dogg’s Tha Eastsidaz. Not supergroups where the roster is full of already-famous people. Let’s face it, being successful doesn’t speak to your ability to judge other people’s talents, at all. In fact, I’d venture to say that the average rapper is a horrible judge of talent in others. For evidence, see 90% of rap/sung collaborations. Or maybe these cats are just bad at nurturing the talent they find. Either way, hip-hop history is littered with bad groups fronted by good rappers.

State Property
No amount of fine Italian tailoring can make Beanie Sigel not look like he’d shoot you for three dollars worth of Tastycakes

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