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The Rap Report Episode Negative 3

Good Lord this episode was a bitch to make! Hit the player below for discussions of new music from Vince Staples, Mac Miller, and Chinx, the beef between The Game and Meek Mills, Kanye vs Kid Cudi, and more!

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00:00:00 Intro

00:02:05 Reasonable Shout – Atlanta

00:04:35 The Fabolous mixtape that Knowledge didn’t listen to

00:07:10 TI – Warzone

00:24:20 DJ Khaled – Nas Album Done video

00:33:07 Kanye vs Kid Cudi

00:42:10 The Game and Meek Mills are beefing over Dancehall Jadakiss

01:00:59 French Montana and … Iggy Azalea???

01:03:45 Tyga makes ok music sometimes???

01:07:25 Words from our sponsor????

01:10:22 Vince Staples – Prima Donna

01:37:35 Chinx – Legends Never Die

01:52:42 Mac Miller – The Divine Feminine

02:25:22 Winner of the Week and next week’s new music

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Mac Miller – Watching Movies With The Sound Off

I had to take a break from J. Cole for a while. I know that I don’t like his album, but I can’t yet verbalize why. So I jumped into another album by a guy who doesn’t always seem to care about topics and staying on them, Mac Miller. I heard the single, S.D.S., and even though I was impressed I still didn’t expect a whole lot from this album. In fact I expected to hate it, for a couple of reasons. Number one, he’s from Pittsburgh and I’m from Cleveland so there’s that pointless football rivalry that only Cleveland heads still care about. Number two, he’s clearly a pothead and I’ve never been into drug rappers. I have no problem with the fact that some people use but I’ve no interest in constantly hearing about it.

But Watching Movies With the Sound Off is a very pleasant surprise.

Mac Miller - Watching Movies With The Sound Off

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