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Shot of That 100 Proof: Apathy – Weekend at the Cape


Weekend at the Cape expertly finishes Apathy’s series of releases centered around his asshole raps and his New England home. Like Connecticut Casual, it’s awesome to witness how great Apathy is when he’s focused and keeps the tracklist short.

Apathy - Weekend At The Cape
I LOVE the art on these albums/EPs!

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Apathy – Connecticut Casual

T has been patiently waiting, so let’s get into some Army of the Pharoahs material that I don’t hate. The album stream is embedded at the bottom.

I think Apathy is probably my favorite white rapper. Or maybe El-P. Both are clearly attached to the East Coast boom-bap that I love, and both SPIT. Where El-P’s music is very personal and often sonically and lyrically challenging, Apathy has much more of a back-to-basics ethos that makes him instantly likeable for any fan of hard beats and boastful lyrics. Lucky for us, none of that changed with Connecticut Casual, his 2014 album.

Connecticut is apparently lousy with rich preppy asshole skeleton monsters
Connecticut is apparently lousy with preppy asshole skeletons in loafers

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Big K.R.I.T. – It’s Better This Way

After Cadillactica (sorry I never got around to reviewing that, but it’s mostly great), I’m settling into a groove with K.R.I.T. With each release, I enjoy the hell out of the songs about simple stuff like sex and cars, but I can’t be bothered with some of his more meaningful songs. Case in point, I’m really struggling with how to rate his latest mixtape, It’s Better This Way. It’s definitely not bad, but is it outstanding?

on the nose much?
on the nose much?

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Hasty Generalization: Fabolous – Friday Night Freestyles

Fabolous - Friday Night Freestyles
A fittingly lo-fi art sample for a mixtape about jacking old beats

I mentioned this mixtape when reviewing that Clue tape a few weeks ago, when Fabolous stole the show with a B-grade freestyle on the Bitches Ain’t Shit instrumental. I’m not going to pretend that there’s much to say about Friday Night Freestyles, because either you’re open to the idea of Fabolous talking shit over classic instrumentals, or you’ve probably already closed this browser window/tab. Me? I’m more than open to this kind of music.

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King Los – God, Money, War

Bias notice: Los is from Baltimore, so I’m rooting for him

After being sorely disappointed with my first Los project, Zero Gravity 2, just the name of his new album, God, Money, War, is cause for hope. Why? Because that mixtape felt like a dump of songs with disparate styles, so this album’s title hopefully signals a much-needed step towards musical cohesion and importance. Turns out, I was mostly right…

All the Baltimore shoutouts on this cover are a nice touch

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Hieroglyphics – The Kitchen

Hieroglyphics - The Kitchen

Another old jawn, cuz I do wot I wawnt!

In 2005, when I first learned of The Hieroglyphics crew, I was amazed at these West Coast rappers whose lyrics were as intricate as my East Coast favorites. I knew nothing of Del’s history, his connection to Ice Cube (they’re cousins!), or Souls of Mischief’s classic 93 Til Infinity. Don’t crucify me please! I’ve since learned, but I continue to be amazed that they’re just as sharp now as then. While my favorites like Nas have arguably fallen off, Hiero is still dropping dope albums like 2013’s The Kitchen. Continue reading Hieroglyphics – The Kitchen