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Wu-Tang Clan – A Better Tomorrow

Wu-Tang Clan - A Better Tomorrow

Being the unrelenting critic that I am, if artists cared for my opinion then it would likely disincentivize the older ones. Because I’m always going to compare their new music to their old music, which is likely really good, otherwise why would they still be relevant in hip-hop? I don’t expect the new to be exactly the same or better than the old, but I do want it to be as compelling. So here we are with the new Wu-Tang album, A Better Tomorrow. After a classic debut, multiple decent-to-great group follow-ups, 98 core member solo albums, 306 Wu-affiliates, and 6 billion other albums and mixtapes and compilations, they chose to bring everyone together one more time to make another album, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of that debut album.

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