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The Rap Report Episode 4

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Reasonable Shout

01:44 Atlanta

What I meant to

11:39 Game – 1992, Jake One – Prayer Hands, Joe Budden – Rage & The Machine, Lord Finesse – The SP1200 Project, Easy Mo Bee – …And You Don’t Stop!, Sm^th – Last Straw featuring Capital Steez


23:05 Kevin Hart as Chocolate Droppa – What Now?

29:08 Jay-Z vs Kanye

43:45 Word From Our Sponsor

The Albums

45:18 Danny Brown – Atrocity Exhibition

01:05:46 Apollo Brown & Skyzoo – The Easy Truth

01:16:46 Dave East – Kairi Chanel

01:30:15 Winner of the Week: Dave East

01:30:50 We fall into talking about how old rappers sound on Kairi Chanel, Beanie Sigel’s interview refrain that hip-hop is Haram.

01:42:17 Upcoming/recent albums
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When Did Drake Become Such a Truth-Teller?

Drake’s been in the news lately for some controversial things that he said in a Rolling Stone interview. Number 1, he said that Macklemore’s posting of the apology text message that he sent to Kendrick Lamar after beating him for a Grammy was disingenuous. I totally agree. If he wanted to make a public apology, he should have done it in public from the start, not publicly sharing a private message. I’m trying not to judge Macklemore too harshly, so I’ll just say that that was done in poor taste, and it casts doubts on his motives.

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How I Came to Redefine Classic

I think I’ve been laboring under the unrealistic idea that an album must be perfect for it to be considered classic. As if anyone could ever achieve perfection, even in the context of just one little old album. Even if you have a relaxed definition of perfection where every song just has to be good, not great, such a goal is nearly impossible.

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Can Rappers Form Worthwhile Groups?

In writing the review of the Demigodz’ great album Killmatic, I realized that it’s pretty rare for a rapper to have a group of his own that’s actually decent. I’m talking about groups that people came up with like Eminem’s D12 and groups they created like Snoop Dogg’s Tha Eastsidaz. Not supergroups where the roster is full of already-famous people. Let’s face it, being successful doesn’t speak to your ability to judge other people’s talents, at all. In fact, I’d venture to say that the average rapper is a horrible judge of talent in others. For evidence, see 90% of rap/sung collaborations. Or maybe these cats are just bad at nurturing the talent they find. Either way, hip-hop history is littered with bad groups fronted by good rappers.

State Property
No amount of fine Italian tailoring can make Beanie Sigel not look like he’d shoot you for three dollars worth of Tastycakes

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