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The Rap Report Episode Negative 6, Part 2

The Rap Report is finally back with Episode Negative 6, part deuce! We’ve got discussions of albums from J. Cole, Common, and A Tribe Called Quest.

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00:00 J. Cole – 4 Your Eyez Only

49:35 A Tribe Called Quest – We Got It From Here…Thank You 4 Your Service

1:33:23 Common – Black America Again

1:35:04 Back to the Tribe album for final thoughts

1:36:32 Black America Again…again

2:04:25 Comparing the three albums, declaring Common the Winner of the Week

2:22:05 Upcoming albums

J. Cole – Born Sinner

I know that I’m late as hell with this, and that by now, everyone who planned on checking this album has probably already done so. Not that I write to produce a useful up/down listening/buying recommendation, but I’d like to avoid writing about 3 month old music. Especially when the music doesn’t warrant the thorough review that such a time-frame could allow. To be honest, I’m just doing this to bookend my listening experience. It’s an album that I never need to hear again. I just want to write my thoughts down, delete it, then be done with it forever. Surely one of my 5 RSS subscribers (links are at the bottom of the right column!) is wondering, if the album was so bad, why did I spend so much time listening to it?

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If You Don’t Have Anything Smart to Say…Shut Your Pie-Hole

F-Bombs over Baghdad

I’ve been practicing self-abuse in the form of listening intently to J. Cole’s Born Sinner. It’s not that I hate the thing, but there’s nothing that motivates me to listen. His beats are rarely spectacular and his meandering stream-of-consciousness writing style frustrates me because I hate trying but still getting all the way to the end of a song without any clue of what it was about. Born Sinner isn’t plain old bad, just pretty easy to sleep through when I’m tired of trying to listen. So I’m left without much to say about it.

But I do have at least one concrete thought that sprung from Born Sinner. It’s up above but I’ll repeat it:

If You Don’t Have Anything Smart to Say…Shut Your Pie-Hole

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