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Hasty Generalization: Tip (fka T.I.) – Da Nic EP

Though I haven’t been paying him much attention lately,
T.I. has been one of my favorite southern rappers since his début. His voice was what grabbed me but his catchy hooks and rarely-displayed lyricism kept one of my eyes on him throughout his career. He never had much to say that majorly interested me, but at least the music was fun. Having started as a gangsta rapper, then somewhat shifting towards more pop-friendly songs, Da Nic marks T.I.’s return to his roots in trap music, signified by using his old nickname, Tip. It’s also part of the lead-up to his next full release, The Dime Trap, which will also be a trap music release care of Tip. Too bad that even with just five songs (like a nickel bag, get it?), Da Nic still managed to bore me to pieces.

T.I. - Da Nic
This cover won a gold medal in the Generic Olympics

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Hasty Generalization: Rick Ross – Hood Billionaire

After the generally meh, sometimes spectacular Mastermind, the best thing that Rick Ross could have done was sit the fuck down. But we needed more proof that the title Mastermind has no relation to real life, so he decided to release a second album at the end of last year, Hood Billionaire. I’m just now getting to this second album because it slipped under my radar after Ross said it would feel a lot more street than Mastermind. Suffice to say that that sapped my enthusiasm, because the “I feel like Big Meech” version of Ross has never impressed me much. He picks bass-heavy but basic beats and his rhymes can’t possibly take than 5 minutes to write.

Not even Cinnamon Toasters cereal is this generic
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