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Eve – Make It Out This Town

Eve’s first public step onto the comeback trail showed up on DJBooth.net today. Ironically, her musical dry spell got kind of clowned on this week’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop. So anyway, how do I feel about Eve’s comeback now that I’ve heard this song?

My hope has entered remission.

Listen to the song for yourself at DJ Booth

Make It Out This Town isn’t the worst thing I’ve ever heard, but it’s not at all what I want from Eve. It’s got a pop beat featuring an acoustic guitar, some high-pitched male singer doing his best to make the hook worse with his falsetto, and an abundance of cliched inspirational lyrics:

just wanna fly above it all, see where you could land/
know that you could do it on your own, cause you can/
know that can conquer all with a plan/
forget about the negative buried in the sand/

Badmouthing wack shit isn’t my main goal for this site, I want to spend more time on good music than bad. But when a major artist and/or someone I respect drops some garbage, I might have to talk about it. Eve is a better songwriter than this. I’m certain that the idea for this song didn’t come from her, especially since it has not one but two co-writers. Eve needs to do her music. She should reconnect with Swizz Beatz if that’s what it takes. Because letting other people change her style so drastically will just leave her with no fans since young kids won’t check for her no matter what and her old hardcore fans will be alienated.

Hopefully this song is a minor misstep, something done to appease the label, or just an experiment that should have died in the studio, and not the signal towards a new direction.