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The Rap Report Episode 4

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Reasonable Shout

01:44 Atlanta

What I meant to

11:39 Game – 1992, Jake One – Prayer Hands, Joe Budden – Rage & The Machine, Lord Finesse – The SP1200 Project, Easy Mo Bee – …And You Don’t Stop!, Sm^th – Last Straw featuring Capital Steez


23:05 Kevin Hart as Chocolate Droppa – What Now?

29:08 Jay-Z vs Kanye

43:45 Word From Our Sponsor

The Albums

45:18 Danny Brown – Atrocity Exhibition

01:05:46 Apollo Brown & Skyzoo – The Easy Truth

01:16:46 Dave East – Kairi Chanel

01:30:15 Winner of the Week: Dave East

01:30:50 We fall into talking about how old rappers sound on Kairi Chanel, Beanie Sigel’s interview refrain that hip-hop is Haram.

01:42:17 Upcoming/recent albums
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Hasty Generalization: Dave East – Hate Me Now

This post marks the second and final leg of my get familiar with Dave East mission [btw, th’fuck happened to Clinton Sparks?!]. The first stop, his Straight Outta Harlem mixtape, had some high points but was so unfocused that it ended up getting a mediocre score. Now, with about a year’s worth of added experience, let’s see how Dave did on his latest mixtape, Hate Me Now

His eyes are fucking scary!
His eyes are fucking scary on this! And why the hell is “NFL” tattooed on his chest?

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Quick Shot of That 100 Proof: Dave East – Straight Outta Harlem

Dave East - Straight Outta Harlem

Dave East is one of those cats who has been on my radar in name alone for about the past six months. I can’t remember how he got there, but my guess is Peter Rosenberg mentioned him at some point so I put him on the medium-sized list of people to give a chance to at some vague time in the future. Add some procrastination, and we’re at the point where Dave dropped a new mixtape, Hate Me Now, three days ago but I just started listening to Straight Outta Harlem several weeks ago. So I’m in the interesting position of being able to witness a rapper’s year-plus progression in a matter of weeks, which may be one of those rare times where being lazy pays off. Or maybe I’m imaging silver linings? Anyway, on with the review…

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