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The Rap Report Episode 4

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Reasonable Shout

01:44 Atlanta

What I meant to

11:39 Game – 1992, Jake One – Prayer Hands, Joe Budden – Rage & The Machine, Lord Finesse – The SP1200 Project, Easy Mo Bee – …And You Don’t Stop!, Sm^th – Last Straw featuring Capital Steez


23:05 Kevin Hart as Chocolate Droppa – What Now?

29:08 Jay-Z vs Kanye

43:45 Word From Our Sponsor

The Albums

45:18 Danny Brown – Atrocity Exhibition

01:05:46 Apollo Brown & Skyzoo – The Easy Truth

01:16:46 Dave East – Kairi Chanel

01:30:15 Winner of the Week: Dave East

01:30:50 We fall into talking about how old rappers sound on Kairi Chanel, Beanie Sigel’s interview refrain that hip-hop is Haram.

01:42:17 Upcoming/recent albums
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Weekly Retro: 1/6/14 – Old is Better When New and Joey Bada$$ Rips a Verse

I decided not to do any year-end wrap-up stuff because a write-up for each album would be a lot of work (one reason most pubs do their year-end lists in early/mid December or wait until January) and because I haven’t listened to enough of what came out during 2013. Obvious albums like Killer Mike and El-P’s Run The Jewels are still waiting in my queue so it doesn’t feel at all right to try to sum up 2013. Not even calling it “my favorites” as opposed to “best” would solve the problem.

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Danny Brown Answers An Oft-Ignored Question On Old

20131230-113647.jpgDanny Brown’s latest album, Old, answers a simple question that too much hip-hop music ignores: why? It’s easy for rappers to talk about their old drug dealer lifestyles, but it’s very rare for anyone to explain why they did that without resorting to simplistic, clichéd answers. This lack of insight often makes the music feel like little more than a celebration of negativity. So while Old deals with very negative topics, Danny’s realistic approach pulls the music above simple glorification, into something much more interesting.

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Weekly Retro, 12/15/13

I really haven’t been up on the news lately, last I heard Kanye was flipping out because rich white people aren’t embracing him and his business ideas. And yelling at interviewers who calmly advise him to empower himself. Is that still happening? I meant to write a short piece collecting my thoughts on that situation but that first linked article really sums it up perfectly. And this is all evidence of what I complained about back in July. Kanye wants so much to be more than a rapper and this lack of focus is ruining his music. Either stop rapping or focus so you can make good rap music! is that so much to ask?


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