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Kanye West – The Life of Pablo

Where to begin with this album? It’s consumed my free time for the past week and change, but I’m already tired of thinking about it. I definitely don’t feel like writing a lot, but I probably have no choice. Kanye has been a complex character lately. One who seemed bored with rap but never completely let it go in favor of terrible singing and over high-priced fashion. Given that ambiguity, The Life of Pablo is impressive in its cohesion, but disappointing in how little it feels like Hip-Hop to me. I won’t get into his twitter antics during the lead-up to the album, but Google them if you need to. It’s worth the laugh and the possible insight into this guy’s psyche.

Kanye West - The Life Of Pablo

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Quick Shot of That 100 Proof: Black Milk – No Poison No Paradise

This site was founded years ago by broke slaves as a way for me point out what’s good and bad about music. A┬ásort of written form of the “did you hear _? Well what’d you think of it?” conversation. So my intention isn’t to provide consumer-centric reviews, but I would like to stay somewhat current. But because I can’t manage to work on it religiously, and because there’s just so much hip-hop to digest, it ends up being a log of the semi-random albums that I am playing at any moment in time. Case in point: Black Milk released If There’s a Hell Below only a month and change ago, yet I’m writing about his album from October last year, No Poison No Paradise. I do plan on getting to the new album, but knowing me, that won’t happen until sometime next year. Currency is overrated!

Black Milk - No Poison No Paradise

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