Shot of That 100 Proof: Aesop Rock and Homeboy Sandman – Lice

The Lice EP is available for free at The streaming player is embedded below

I’ve fucked with Aesop Rock since Labor Days, back in the Def Jux era. I can’t claim to be a huge fan, but I always liked his strong delivery and beat choice enough to gloss over the fact that I rarely knew what he was speaking on. Late last year he dropped this Lice EP, for free, with Homeboy Sandman, and I’ve been ready for some nerd rap lately. So, two rappers with weird deliveries and abstract writing? Let’s see how this collaboration turned out…

Aesop Rock & Homeboy Sandman - Lice
No idea what this title means…and only slightly more idea of what the verses mean

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Shots of That 100 Proof: Meek Mill – 4-4 Parts 1 & 2

Meek dropped a couple of EPs this month, the latest two days ago, both named 4-4. Apparently the name is a reference to when his Dreamchasers 4 mixtape will release, because apparently somebody is hotly anticipating that thing. Anyway, let’s get down to it.

4-4 Pt 1

ermm, that's not how hash marks work
Ermm…that’s not how tally marks work

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Apathy – Connecticut Casual

T has been patiently waiting, so let’s get into some Army of the Pharoahs material that I don’t hate. The album stream is embedded at the bottom.

I think Apathy is probably my favorite white rapper. Or maybe El-P. Both are clearly attached to the East Coast boom-bap that I love, and both SPIT. Where El-P’s music is very personal and often sonically and lyrically challenging, Apathy has much more of a back-to-basics ethos that makes him instantly likeable for any fan of hard beats and boastful lyrics. Lucky for us, none of that changed with Connecticut Casual, his 2014 album.

Connecticut is apparently lousy with rich preppy asshole skeleton monsters
Connecticut is apparently lousy with preppy asshole skeletons in loafers

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Shot of That 100 Proof: Jeezy – Church in These Streets

So… I hate this shit. Jeezy impressed me so much on Rick RossWar Ready, that I thought I’d give Church in These Streets a chance. Might be another fun time to give an opinion that no one asked for or wants from me, right? But, I really have nothing to say. Jeezy just isn’t a good rapper most of the time. I already expected vapid topics, but these subterranean levels of lyricism cannot be excused. Maybe he mainly tries on features? Anyway, in the interest of being as positive as possible, I’ll just briefly comment on the only songs that I may keep off this album.

Jeezy – Church in These Sreets

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Shot of That 100 Proof: Stalley – The Laughing Introvert;

For 2016, I’m going to try to get at least 2 posts a week, hopefully more. That means more Shots of That 100 Proof vs lengthier pieces. Which makes sense given that I have a hard time writing long pieces for music about which I have little to say. And that’s what is most often released. Hopefully that plan agrees with you. I’m not trying to simply get more “content” online, I want to say what I think about as many things as possible, and not every release deserves 1000+ words.

Stalley - The Laughing Introvert
Fuck y’all! Back to wheel-twerkin!

Stalley is best when talking about cars and/or drinking lean. This has been documented on Honest Cowboy. His ability to do other things was documented on his disappointing album, Ohio, where he ignored his slowed-down roots for the sake of blasé-ass hip-hop. Where I once thought that Ohio was a creative blunder, I not think that label expectations inspired that poor direction, because Stalley is right back to his old tricks on this likely expectation-less mixtape, The Laughing Introvert. Continue reading Shot of That 100 Proof: Stalley – The Laughing Introvert;

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