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Statik Selektah – Extended Play

Extended Play cover
I have no idea

I appreciate Statik Selektah for being a new(er) generation Northeast producer/DJ who doggedly sticks to that region’s boom-bap sound. But that devotion means that variety isn’t what anyone should come looking for on Extended Play. Statik’s script gets old sometimes, especially when he gives his weaker beats to less talented emcees, but I’d still strongly recommend this release to anyone who cared. Just don’t think of it as an album. Statik is calling it that, but getting a barcode and going above and beyond the photocopier at Staples for album inserts doesn’t stop this from being a mixtape. It has the usual hit-or-miss song quality, and the vast majority of the songs have a straightforward structured where 2-3 rappers talk about nothing in particular, like all other mixtapes. Shoot, Amazon even has the digital version on sale for the long-standing traditional mixtape price of $5!

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What I’m Playing aka I Swear New Content is Coming Real Soon!

Without fail, the beginning of the summer is always really hectic for me. I think that’s due to better weather meaning that this is when more social events happen, plus school just let out so prime vacation time has arrived. For me, this year, this is manifesting in 1) family visits damn near every weekend, 2) cookouts to attend on those same weekends, 3) my friend’s wedding, 4) birthdays for the myriad children conceived during the cold months when sex is the best way to pass the time, 5) and some good old-fashioned family drama. Suffice to say my mind has been elsewhere besides this site.

But there’s still a lot of music out there that needs my ornery well-thought-out opinion! So I’ve got some reviews planned for next week, and I figured I could end my content-draught a few days earlier foreshadow them a bit by giving my high-level thoughts on the music. Maybe I’ll make this a regular thing:

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Hasty Generalization – Mayhem Lauren and Pusha T

Meyhem Lauren – Respect The Fly Shit

Respect The Fly Shit cover
Message to rappers: stop letting your cover-art out-rhyme you

Meyhem Lauren reminds me of Sean Price, in that he doesn’t try to be much more than a grimy New York rapper. But where Sean Price has lyricism and humor to keep you interested, Meyhem’s style is completely straightforward. I mean, his flow is alright but he has nothing new to say and no interesting ways to say what he is saying. The beats he’s chosen for this mixtape are all pretty good, but none were good enough to hold a song down by themselves while he talks the same old New York tough-guy shit. This album is just a big bowl of meh.

 2/5 Hardcore fans of this style might appreciate it, everyone else should keep it moving.

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Hasty Generalization: Underachievers – Indigoism

Indigoism front cover
Nowhere to go but up after this terrible cover art

The Underachievers are two rappers, Issa Dash and AK, from Brooklyn, New York. They’re a part of the Beast Coast crew, which includes a guy named Joey Bada$$ who’s apparently worth way more than half a damn. Indigoism is their first release, and off the strength of some great Youtube groundwork, it’s backed by Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder label. But don’t get too excited yet, he didn’t produce anything here. Continue reading Hasty Generalization: Underachievers – Indigoism