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The Rap Report Episode Negative 5

…shit happened. Schedules shmedules. Anyway thanks for listening, be back soon. If you loved it, share it.

Reasonable Shout/Doubt

01:57 Jidenna – Long Live The Chief

07:15 Eminem – Campaign Speech

12:36 Sho Baraka – The Narrative

14:03 Common – Black America Again

17:02 Kxng Crooked – Good vs Evil

18:10 D.R.A.M. – Big Daddy DRAM

20:56 Gucci Mane – Woptober

24:06 21 Savage – Savage Mode, also Drake  – Sneakin ft 21 Savage

32:12 A Tribe Called Quest – Conrad Tokyo

40:16 Pryhme – Deluxe Edition

43:52 Solange – A Seat at the Table


48:43 The Election

01:03:28 All Lives Matter Weezy

The Albums

01:11:17 Mr. Lif – The Life and Death of Scenery

01:24:34 The Game – 1992

01:39:40 Joe Budden – Rage & The Machine

02:12:58 Winner of the week: Joe Budden

02:13:30 Recent/upcoming releases
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Hasty Generalization: Snoop Dogg – BUSH

I love this visual!

I forgot where and when, but Snoop Dogg has said that he would have been making funk music had he been born in another time. His love for funk and R&B has been demonstrated clearly since the beginning of his career, so detours like the songs Beautiful and Sexual Eruption, and now this album, BUSH, should be of no surprise to those who’ve paid attention to him.

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R&Bizzle Hasty Generalization: Janelle Monae – The Electric Lady

The Electric Lady album cover

In my few decades on this planet, I’ve become jaded about concept albums. Either the concept is too vague to unify the songs, or it’s so weird that it ruins what might have been. Luckily, Ms. Monae uses subtlety in expressing her weird theme. There’s some android revolution going on in the background of her music, but honestly, I pay it zero attentions. I usually only like about half of her music, so little that the theme misses me. That makes me feel like a half-fan, like I’m fake if I don’t appreciate everything that she’s offering. But that half that I like? I REALLY like it, so oh well! Half-fan it is!

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R&Bizzle Mini-Review: Tamar Braxton – Love and War

This is a hip-hop site, but I do occasionally pay attention to genres other than my first love. So, I have made, especially for you, my brief thoughts on two recent albums from singers that interest me: Janelle Monae and Tamar Braxton. I’ve handled Tamar’s comeback cd below and I’ll ponder Janelle Monae’s latest collection of android love songs tomorrow. Those annoyed by this temporary change in theme can ignore these posts and look forward to the usual hip-hop stuff coming soon after this aberration. I’ve got a Procussions EP and album to chew through, the Flatbush Zombies last mixtape, plus a lot of mainstream stuff that I might want to discuss came out recently. Maybe I’ll wax on the fine symbolism within Gucci Mane’s latest trap masterpiece?

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Last Week’s New R&B

Last week was very hit or miss on the R&B tip. Both RL and Donell Jones disappointed with weak-ass medi. Donell’s song at least stuck to his bluesy sound, but I don’t know why the hell RL is trying to make average R&B for teens. I really wish more singers would decide to count on the 30-and-up crowd for sales and stop trying to appeal to kids. Anyway here’s two singles that caught my ear:
PJ Morton – Only One
My girl loved this guy’s early stuff, but then he signed to Young Money and she figured things would go downhill from there. It seemed that she was right, but this here shows that, in the least, his major debut might run the gamut from garbage to pretty damn good. Nope, I refuse to be any more positive than that. Not even a Stevie Wonder solo can erase the memory of that other song.