Curren$y – Canal Street Confidential

My only problem with Curren$y is consistency. He has a few different styles of music that he does and they often sound good, but the beats he chooses are very hit and miss. Meanwhile, there’s Canal Street Confidential. When I put Curren$y on, this is exactly what I want to hear! The beats are much more melodic than on some of his other albums, and the choices are just better. No forced Jadakiss and Riff Raff features, instead it’s Future flossing on Drive By, and Ty Dolla $ign on a smooth serenade that is Superstar.

Curren$y - Canal Street Confidential
Basic yet dope

With the melodic focus comes a concentration on women and materialism over weed anthems, a direction that I don’t mind AT ALL! Gangsta Curren$y also isn’t really present, but Boulders and All Wit My Hands give us that hustler persona on perfectly bass-heavy beats but minus the obvious drug and violence references. No new ground is broken here, but slap yourself if you expected that from Curren$y.

Overall, I’m extremely happy with Canal Street Confidential. Even the songs with K. Camp, Wiz Khalifa, and August Alsina are pretty playable. 11 tracks that all play well with plenty of brilliant gems, what more can I ask for? Probably less of those three just-mentioned features. Still, this is a fantastic Curren$y album.



  1. Drive By featuring Future
  2. Everywhere
  3. Superstar featuring Ty Dolla $ign
  4. All Wit My Hands


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