Shot of That 100 Proof: Apathy – Weekend at the Cape


Weekend at the Cape expertly finishes Apathy’s series of releases centered around his asshole raps and his New England home. Like Connecticut Casual, it’s awesome to witness how great Apathy is when he’s focused and keeps the tracklist short.

Apathy - Weekend At The Cape
I LOVE the art on these albums/EPs!

As stated above, this EP is mostly Ap and friends doing what they do best, attacking the mic with overflowing lyricism and vulgarities. There are a few lines like “I be jerking while you twerking in my 9 to 5 working”, from the aptly named Somethin for the Bitches, that take the crassness much too far, and they momentarily ruin a few songs. That said, everyone who knows Apathy should have known what they were getting into when pressing play. He’s bound to go left sometimes, but other times this happens:

Pop shots at the rappers who rap regular
Retina scans the infrared signature like a predator
Ap for president, preference of people who represent
The place of my residence, and you can see evidence
All the way from Connecticut out to Venice with Evidence
My sentence will shake up the ocean’s floor and stir the sediments

That’s Apathy on Summer of Sin, dropping explosive, multisyllabic rhymes as usual. Add to that a catchy beat anchored by a hook that’s just a Q-Tip sample, and the song is pretty spectacular. Apathy made most of these beats, showing that he knows exactly what brings out his best performances.

Even when he gets serious, on tracks like How to Breath Underwater, there’s an earnestness and skill that was missing on the experiments from previous albums. Over a somber instrumental, Apathy, Jus Cuz, and Suave-Ski illustrate the feeling of living under pressure but still being determined to succeed, creating a song that anyone can relate to. Suave-Ski does the most justice to the concept, especially in this piece:

The water starts to rise, and collect like a debt
By the time, that it get to your neck, you’re a wreck
And I bet, that you let, anybody pull you down
Pressure all around, muffled out sound as you start to drown
I’m breathing underwater like the Loch Ness
With old pirates’ gold that’s locked in wooden boxes

Weekend at the Cape isn’t perfect, mainly because Apathy relies a bit too much on forced dirty punchlines that often didn’t land for me. It’s still a really solid EP, with a lot of features and not even one is wack (!), but one that I can’t recommend without caution. His traditional East Coast sound and braggadocious lyrics will surely bore some listeners, and his taste may offend some folks, but his hardcore fans and fans of hardcore have another great release to bump and vibe with.



  1. Summer of Sin
  2. Crew featuring Suave-Ski
  3. How to Breathe Underwater featuring Suave-Ski and Jus Cuz
  4. Block Island Sound ft Locksmith and Wildcard (good lord the verses on here are fire!)

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