Shots of That 100 Proof: Meek Mill – 4-4 Parts 1 & 2

Meek dropped a couple of EPs this month, the latest two days ago, both named 4-4. Apparently the name is a reference to when his Dreamchasers 4 mixtape will release, because apparently somebody is hotly anticipating that thing. Anyway, let’s get down to it.

4-4 Pt 1

ermm, that's not how hash marks work
Ermm…that’s not how tally marks work

After getting his ass handed to him in last year’s beef with Drake, the most generous of us hoped that Meek Mill would let the controversy go and return to making his usual brand of ignorant music. Maybe with enough good songs, we’d at least stop mentioning the world tour that’s really his girl’s tour every time his name came up? That’s what I’d hoped for with 4-4. But word quickly got around that, along with mediocre songs, he just had to reignite the fire.

Well, I actually don’t think the other songs are all that bad. FBH (fuck being humble, cause this is Meek Mill) actually has most of the energy that I want from Meek songs. Gave Em Hope is much more bleh but still not terrible. And Pray For Em is actually decent. The problem with 4-4 is that nothing screams to be added to your playlist, nothing stands out.

Except for the I’m Da Plug Freestyle. This is the Drake response that only stans were waiting for. And…it’s weird as hell. Meek takes the I’m Da Plug instrumental from Drake and Future’s What a Time to be Alive mixtape, and wastes most of it. When he does finally address Drake, he tries to turn that world tour line around (kind of succeeds) and clowns Drake for simpish behavior with some unnamed woman who Meek also hooked up with. On the night of the release, the internet blew up about this part, thinking Meek was actually referring to Nicki. But lines like “you took her to a island, I fucked her on a couch/ I fucked her in the studio she never seen my house” just don’t add up with that theory. I can’t believe that he’s dumb enough to talk about his current super-famous girlfriend that way.

So there’s that EP. The opposite of noteworthy beyond the weak diss. Moving on…


4-4 Pt 2

Assuming that we’ll get four of these, I’m more interested in seeing how else he’ll write four, rather than hearing the music

More recently, 4-4 Pt 2 dropped. Again, the diss overshadowed the rest of the music. This time because it put Meek stans into a euphoric stupor. Over a much more regular and New York-sounding instrumental, Meek again wastes time for a while before finally getting into the diss. But, when he does get to it, he:

  • threatens to take Drake’s chain a couple times
  • calls Drake out for not writing his songs, again
  • says Drake danced like a fruitcake in the Hotline Bling video
  • claims he robbed Drake in Toronto (or maybe an affiliate did?)
  • claims that, when Drake was relatively new, he fanned out when meeting Meek, and even asked for a Dreamchasers chain

After that, Meek’s cousin Omelly jumps in to add some generally aggressive bars that sound good but don’t really add anything. Overall, it’s a good diss but a boring song. And its punchlines don’t hit NEARLY as hard as Drake’s best. This is what happens when a basic emcee tries to battle a guy who’s way more funny and clever.

Elsewhere, Fa Sho is pretty damn decent, even with T Dot’s wretched singing on the hook. The instrumental uses a buzzing bassline that’s just interesting to me, and, like FBH, the beat has the energy that all Meek Mill songs should have. Ricky‘s better off forgotten, as is Slippin except that Dave East’s verse about his come-up is pretty alright.

Again, this makes for an overall very weak EP. These might as well be singles releases, because I’m not listening for anything more than the disses.


Overall Highlights:

  1. FBH
  2. Fa Sho featuring (should be minus) T Dot
  3. War Pain featuring Omelly (highlighted only for the diss content)

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