Shot of That 100 Proof: Jeezy – Church in These Streets

So… I hate this shit. Jeezy impressed me so much on Rick RossWar Ready, that I thought I’d give Church in These Streets a chance. Might be another fun time to give an opinion that no one asked for or wants from me, right? But, I really have nothing to say. Jeezy just isn’t a good rapper most of the time. I already expected vapid topics, but these subterranean levels of lyricism cannot be excused. Maybe he mainly tries on features? Anyway, in the interest of being as positive as possible, I’ll just briefly comment on the only songs that I may keep off this album.

Jeezy – Church in These Sreets

God. Great beat by Southside and TM88, but what’s with all these breaks in the rhymes? The least you could do is kill it in between the breaks!

Hell You Talking Bout. Stupid name, ok rhymes, great beat by London on da Track.

Sweet Life. Again, good beat, forgettable rhymes. But Janelle Monae is as good as she can be with such meh company.

Just Win. This is what I was expecting! Jeezy is his most motivational and therefore unique and interesting here. 10 more tracks like this and this would be an ok album! Sorry, he didn’t post this to Youtube so I’m stuck using the spotify embed.

T, I’m working on Connecticut Casual and finally found Weekend at the Cape. Gotchu real soon!

4 thoughts on “Shot of That 100 Proof: Jeezy – Church in These Streets”

  1. I must admit TM101 is a classic guilty pleasure of mine. I wonder, do you think Jeezy’s just past his expiry state in the current rap market? It’s said to see someone who used to be almost a rap icon less than 10 years now now fade away like this.

    1. I dunno, the Dead End Hip-Hop guys liked his last album before this one, so I wonder if maybe he’s a Rick Ross? Where he doesn’t try on whole albums but the next one might be dope. I need to start on his old shit and see how I feel, this is my first Jeezy album. Probably a terrible place to start?

  2. Well, I haven’t listened to this, so couldn’t comment. TM101 however as I say is a big guilty pleasure; technically it is not good music, but jeezy doesn’t care, because ultimately it’s fun mindless shit. I think you need some of that sometimes where you can just listen to music and not really care for lyrical quality, just have fun

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