Shot of That 100 Proof: Paul Wall – Slab God

Paul Wall - Slab God

This review is basically an excuse to share the video below, so let’s get this over with. Paul Wall has never impressed me. Accordingly, Slab God is a pretty terrible mixtape, in that it mostly bored me to pieces. When the beats aren’t attention-grabbing, Paul’s terribly basic rhymes do nothing to help the cause. He’s at his best when talking about nothing over a smooth-ass track, but that doesn’t happen nearly enough here. I recommend checking the highlights and video below then moving on. Let my pain save you some pain.


  1. Crumble the Satellite featuring Devin the Dude and Curren$y
  2. Top Diine
  3. Chose Me featuring Snoop Dogg and Berne
  4. Swangin in the Rain (hands down the best song here. Plus the video has awesome dancing)

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