Hasty Generalization: Tip (fka T.I.) – Da Nic EP

Though I haven’t been paying him much attention lately,
T.I. has been one of my favorite southern rappers since his début. His voice was what grabbed me but his catchy hooks and rarely-displayed lyricism kept one of my eyes on him throughout his career. He never had much to say that majorly interested me, but at least the music was fun. Having started as a gangsta rapper, then somewhat shifting towards more pop-friendly songs, Da Nic marks T.I.’s return to his roots in trap music, signified by using his old nickname, Tip. It’s also part of the lead-up to his next full release, The Dime Trap, which will also be a trap music release care of Tip. Too bad that even with just five songs (like a nickel bag, get it?), Da Nic still managed to bore me to pieces.

T.I. - Da Nic
This cover won a gold medal in the Generic Olympics

Da Nic isn’t the worst thing I’ve ever heard, but it failed to excite me in any way. It starts off decent, with Broadcast Live, where T.I. gives general tips for surviving as a drug dealer. I think the bluesy beat is good but it must have failed to inspire T.I., because I can’t feel any emotion in his lyrics. In fact, he sounds bored on this whole EP. To show just how bland these rhymes get, here’s a piece of Ain’t Gonna See It:

I’m gettin’ topped off in a Thunderbird
I guess you can call that some ThunderDome

I expected Peanut Butter Jelly to be the best song here, because it features Young Dro and Young Thug, and because of that stupid title, but it’s just as ho-hum as everything else here. Thug’s mumbles aren’t melodically interesting and not even Dro’s gruff voice or T.I.’s speed can save their generic verses.

Da Nic sorely lacks  personality, something that T.I. doesn’t usually have a problem with. Maybe he just can’t channel that former life anymore, but since he did so well on About the Money (buoyed by a much more interesting incarnation of Young Thug), I think it’s more likely that these songs are just refugees from the cutting room floor of his upcoming album. His failing this hard at trying to execute his original style makes no sense, so the answer has to be that he didn’t try with these songs. [Insert bad music journalist pun about buying a small bag of shitty weed just to last until you get the money to buy better product again]


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