Shot of That 100 Proof: Meek Mill – Dreams Worth More Than Money

Here’s an opinion that I’m pretty sure no one needs from me: despite his beef decisions being THE WORST EVER (see the links below), Meek Mill actually has some good music on Dreams Worth More Than Money. I get along with about a third of the album, which is something like 90% more than the one single I expected to like. Sure, his diction is terrible, but he has nothing worthwhile to say anyway, so who cares? The best songs have fun beats and stupid but technically good rhymes, so I just have to turn my analytical brain off to enjoy this thing.

Meek Mill - Dreams Worth More Than Money
But what if all you dream of is money?

Remember when I complained for 650 words about Troy Ave’s dull topics? Meek’s music is just as bad but with better rhymes, less singing, and sometimes better beats. I know that sounds much better than Troy’s music, and it kind of is, but it’s far from great. Meek’s another East Coast rapper who’s preoccupied with that materialistic, brand-heavy life that is totally uninteresting to me. Who cares that you wore Louboutins before they caught on with others?? And if all your songs with Nicki Minaj are going to be this disgustingly syrupy, maybe that relationship needs to stay off wax. You two can rap really well when you want to, so why not simply go off on a beat together instead?! Also, don’t jack Biggie’s Notorious Thugs cadence for your stupid love song. You should know better.

But Meek does gets it right pretty often. Check‘s booming low-end plus the super-catchy hook is immediately appreciable, making it the best song here by far. It reminds me of Meek’s pre-Maybach Music material, when his infectious energy made him a staple on Philly radio:

Other songs that I like are listed below. There’s no need to describe them all, except that Main has the same bounce sound that I liked on Meek’s song from the DJ Clue tape I reviewed a little while ago. Oh, and Lord Knows is pretty ambitious in style, because Meek raps over a beat entirely founded on a classical music sample, and for long stretches of his verses the instrumental goes silent save for the choir singing. Their singing intensifies as his energy does the same, creating an effective, almost haunting, song that still doesn’t say much except beyond a few lines about jail helping him grow.

Meek sounds best doing ignorant, revel-in-negativity stuff on fun beats. I’m not here for his love songs, especially those with Nicki singing, nor do I appreciate his materialism. I can’t find anything here worth analyzing, but for a dumb mainstream album, it’s pretty damn fun for me for right now. Is it sad that that’s a pleasant surprise?


  1. Lord Knows
  2. Jump Out the Face ft Future
  3. R.I.C.O. ft Drake
  4. I Got the Juice
  5. Check
  6. Main ft Jeremih

*I can’t leave without noting something hilarious. On the intro to Stand Up, Meek asks DJ Khalid what he wants upon his death, an obituary or a documentary. To which Khalid screams, “I want money!” But, umm, dude, that wasn’t one of the choices. Unfazed, Meek gently reminds Khalid what the choices were by replying, “a documentary, right?” And Khalid yells, “I want that too!” Greedy fuck…

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