Shot of That 100 Proof – A$AP Ferg – Ferg Forever

Ferg ForeverAlong with last week’s A$AP Ty Beats experiment, which pretty much crashed and burned, I’ve been trying out this new A$AP Ferg mixtape, Ferg Forever. It’s a Gangsta Grillz ‘tape, but besides a few examples of DJ Drama’s yelling, you’d be forgiven for thinking this was another official album: it’s as coherent as Ferg’s last album (read: not at all), and it has a few catchy singles, and I couldn’t recognize any jacked instrumentals from popular songs. But, according to DatPiff, this is Ferg’s debut mixtape. The milestone is very deflated since he’s already released an album, but I guess any first is worth celebrating?

But what if that milestone shouldn’t have happened at all? To be concise, I’m not feeling this mixtalbum, at all. For a combination of reasons. Ferg’s flows have considerably dipped in quality. It really doesn’t seem like he tried to kill most of these verses like he did on Trap Lord‘s Shabba Ranks and Murda Somethin’. Then, even if he starts spitting fire, like at the end of his second verse on Perfume, the beats are terrible. Much more trap but also some EDM-sounding experiments gone bad and forays into pitiful R&B, much less of the catchy gangsta stuff from his past best work.

The hooks are much sillier than before, like “they be like Ferg sign me uuup, Ferg sign me uuup, Ferg sign me uuup” on Fergsomnia. There’s too many horrible features (MZ 007’s cringe-worthy verse on Now) and too much humor without the needed grounding that better rapping would bring. He does attempt some topics, such as the Bloods influence over his neighborhood on This Side, but the song’s plodding beat and basic verses kill whatever interest that topic could’ve started. Ferg may be one of those artists who needs label expectations and an executive producer to give him some rules and limitations, and this hodge-podge is what happens when he’s given completely free reign.


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