Big K.R.I.T. – See Me On Top 4

See Me On Top 4

Big K.R.I.T.’s See Me on Top 4 was actually released during September 2014, but it’s a perfect mixtape for cats like me who haven’t been paying attention like they should and need a K.R.I.T. education before delving into his recent album release, Cadillactica. His extremely bluesey beats are uniformly excellent, his flows are varied, and his unmistakably Southern accent always keeps the verses interesting (to me, at least). The only complaint I can possibly anticipate is that message-focused heads will want him to say more. Because most of these songs are about women or other hip-hop staples (but not drug sales or violence), I can understand that argument. But most artists save their heavier themes for their albums rather than mixtapes, and after a quick skim through Cadillactica, that seems to hold true for K.R.I.T. too. Also, see Mt. Olympus and What’s Next for a taste of his ability to address meaningful topics.

See Me On Top 4 isn’t perfect, mostly due to the sometimes incongruous inclusion of songs that feature K.R.I.T. (like Rick Ross’ terrible remix to Supreme, featuring K.R.I.T., a more-bored-than-usual Fabolous, and the same Keith Sweat soundalike from the original), but I’ll gladly skip those few bad inclusions to get to the good ones and the original songs. Also, Mind F*ck is an uncharacteristically boring and disgusting sex song, but everybody makes mistakes, right? And this is a nitpick, but, I wish that the turnt up K.R.I.T. exhibited on Somethin’ Right had shown up more often to balance the blues that dominates this tape.

Basically, if you’re at all interested in K.R.I.T. and don’t know where to start, I suggest this mixtape. It’s a very good, easy to digest introduction before the seemingly heavier outing that is Cadilactica. The stream is embedded below.


  1. Somethin’ Right
  2. Creep Up
  3. Shook Up

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