Quick Shot of That 100 Proof: Da Mafia 6ix – Hear Sum Evil (The Mixtape)

Hear Sum Evil is a new mixtape from Da Mafia 6ix that’s meant to build anticipation for their album coming early next year. But first, let’s deal with the name/roster change for a second. Da Mafia 6ix means there’s no Juicy J, for some contractual reason that I haven’t yet tried to understand. And, apparently since this past May, there’s no Gangsta Boo either. Both voices would have definitely been nice on Hear Sum Evil, but it’s good enough that I barely missed them.

Why wouldn't they close that big-ass open space on the right?! Might as well label it "Gangsta Boo"
Why wouldn’t they close that big-ass open space on the right?! Might as well label it “Gangsta Boo”

Besides their menacing crunk sound, what’s always impressed me the most about Da Mafia 6ix is that they know how to play to the strengths of being a big hip-hop group. The rappers all sound different in ways that complement each other, and they make sure to get at least a few of their different voices on each song. So the listener is rarely given a chance to get bored, even when there are no features. Hear Sum Evil achieves this effect but with a LOT features, which, unfortunately, may have crowded out some verses from the actual group members. While DJ Paul is very strongly represented, the other group members aren’t nearly as prevalent. But, at least a lot of those feature verses are performed by La Chat, who’s practically in the group anyway, and Fiend, who is yelling verses just like he did during the No Limit era! While his recent, laid-back smoke soundtracks with Curren$y are cool, I’ve missed this Fiend. But if I can be really ungrateful, obvious, and repetitive for just a second, some Juicy J would have been especially nice along with these other features. I hope they get past that contract crap someday.

While I wish there were a few less features and that the original lineup was intact, I’m still very happy with Hear Sum Evil. Liquor N Drugs’  basic beat makes it the only song I dislike, and it’s easily paid for with Think I Don’t Know and its great sample of Norman Connor’s You Are My Starship (same beautiful sample as Mobb Deep’s classic Trife Life). Anyway, Hear Sum Evil is my go-to choice for bass-heavy thug music right now, and it has me looking forward to their album.


  1. Think I Don’t Know
  2. Lock’m N Da Trunk

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