Shot of That 100 Proof: A$AP Ferg – Trap Lord

A$AP Ferg - Trap Lord
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I actually digested Trap Lord a while back and just never wrote about it. What that delay says about my evaluation of the album will have to remain unconfirmed for a few more sentences. Maybe I just got busy? Anyway, I was content to move on quietly from this A$AP Ferg album, but T, our newest commenter, asked for my opinion. So here it is. Blame this on T…

Trap Lord is terrible! Because Ferg can and sometimes does make much better music than this album, on this album! Stated another way: Trap Lord couldn’t be more inconsistent if it was Nas’ beat selection or The Roots’ thematic direction.

So where does A$AP Ferg show his version of brilliance? Well, Shabba Ranks works extremely well but is so explicitly made for radio love that it feels more like a con than true musical expression. But yes, I said it works extremely well, because its infectious party energy does indeed do that. And a few other songs have less instant appeal to cloud their quality. These are the Work remix, Lord, and Murda Something. They’re all dope examples of random thuggery on dark beats, and they almost give me hope for A$AP Ferg.

But is it telling that each of the four songs named above have features? (Check the highlights section to see who those features are.) And is it even more telling that on every song, the features run close to or succeed in out-rapping Ferg? Knowing that the answer to both of those is yes, a better question would be, does this make Trap Lord ignorable?


Despite Ferg’s insistence on disrespecting the profession of singing. Despite a song whose hook is the repetition of the line “I fucked yo bitch, nigga!”. Despite the quick degeneration of Ferg’s interestingly reminiscent of Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony flow into comatose whatever-the-hell. None of that exists to me. In Knowledge-topia, Trap Lord is four tracks long. Sure, Ferg is never saying anything. But that was never the point. So I’m good with what’s here, as long as I can skip/delete the crap out of the crap.

1. Shabba Ranks ft A$AP Rocky
2. Work ft French Montana, Trinidad James, Schoolboy Q, and A$AP Rocky
3. Lord ft Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony
4. Murda Something ft Waka Flocka Flame

My favorite A$AP Ferg song is actually a Big KRIT song that features him:

11 thoughts on “Shot of That 100 Proof: A$AP Ferg – Trap Lord”

  1. Very interesting. Ironically I found Shabba meh, Work hideous and liked Lord and Murda Something due to the features. I actually much preferred songs like hood pope and cocaine castle though however, what did you think of these songs where he had a different flow and the beats weren’t as Trappish? Also loved f- outta my face cos of Onyx!! A$ton Matthews’ 3:16 may be worth a look in by the way. Still… Props for reviewing this no apologies for suggesting it! This was the first actual trap cd I ever bought (yep) as I’m a huge backpacker so I like this cd for sentimental reasons as a guilty pleasure. Haha nice one “T”

    1. Ermm…I hated those songs. I don’t usually like slow half-singing rap songs. Most rappers can’t sing or write well-enough to pull off that style. Outkast did it well a bunch of times though (Toilet Tisha and SpotieOtie immediately come to mind).

      I agree Onyx had the best verses on that song but the beat still ruined it for me. I’ll check that A$ton album soon.

      I’m kind of in the same boat as you. I can’t say who the first was, but since I started this site I’ve been giving trap music much more of a chance. Jeezy is a big one that I’ve ignored for far too long

      1. That mean Jeezy may get some reviewing shine? And tbh since Trap Lord I haven’t bought another trap cd haha so for me I like this as a guilty pleasure, something different. T

        1. Yeah I’ll start with this newest album then reach back. Probably won’t write up the older stuff tho. I’m actually hearing some people complain about the newer album in that it’s less “trappy” so I hope I still like it.

          Dipset was my guilty pleasure for a while hehe. Especially Cam’ron

    1. I definitely think that’s a cause of the problems here. There’s a lot of very different sounds here and he never makes them mesh so it sounds like a buncha random-ass shit

    1. Will do. I’m chewing through a bunch of mixtapes atm but will add that to the queue. I assume you’re talking about Caviar Taste?

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