Shot of That 100-Proof: Waka Flocka Flame – I Can’t Rap Vol. 1

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Waka - I Can't Rap Vol. 1After being so annoyed with O Let’s Do It, I never imagined that I’d choose to listen to this guy. But I decided to give him a try after his dope feature on A$AP Ferg’s album, and after Mrs. Knowledge introduced me to the turn-up goodness that is 50k. I Can’t Rap Vol. 1 seems to be Waka’s response to the hip-hop purist critics, in that he spends quite a bit of time demolishing beats from popular songs. Yup, demolish. He’s not saying anything more than the usual gangster/drug-dealer cliches, but his energy and gruff voice sound good, his flow varies a lot, and the ad-libs actually add to the energy rather than annoy. So he proves that he can rap, really well.

Where I Can’t Rap falls down is that it lacks focus. I wish Waka had kept to the hardcore, gangster songs that pretty much all work well. Instead, he takes detours into original beats that can’t stand up next to already-popular ones, a sad song about dead homies that simply doesn’t do it for me, and some jacked beats from downbeat radio songs (Schoolboy Q’s Studio, for example) that also don’t mesh with the hardcore songs. So while I can now say that I appreciate Waka’s music, that comes with the huge caveat that I don’t think I want introspection, serenades, or artistic experimentation from him. I’m fine with taking the turn up music that I like and leaving the rest.

3 Gold Chains ft Troy Ave (The most NYC beat on the tape, and Mr. NYC himself, Troy Ave, let an Atlanta rapper rap circles around him on it)
Blood on the Leaves

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