Shot of that 100 Proof: GS9 – Shmoney Shmurder Shmixtape

GS9 - Shmoney Shmurda Shmixtape

This summer, Bobby Shmurda and his GS9 crew skyrocketed into fame with his Hot Nigga song. While that beat is the star, his extra-long verse, with its raucous ad-libs, fit it perfectly and is pretty integral to the song’s quality. So when Bobby said during an interview that the rest of his music was far beyond that song, I decided to seek him out and make sure he wasn’t lying.

Turns out he was. I landed on this Shmoney Shmurda Shmixtape, and besides Hot Nigga, the album title is the most entertaining thing happening here. Bobby is an ok rapper, but for some God-awful reason, fellow GS9 member Rowdy Rebel raps a lot more, and listening to his verses is now classified in the DSM as a type of self-harm. His ad-libs are too chaotic and he has no lyricism to speak of. Not even in flow does he impress, so I don’t understand why he exists so often on this tape. Bobby’s rhymes are better but still far from great, and everyone else is below average at best.

Overall, Shmoney Shmurda is too amateurish to be taken seriously. It’s mixed badly, the hooks are horrid, there’s a random three-song foray into weak R&B, right in the middle of a super-aggressive New York mixtape, and none of the songs have the infectious energy of Hot Nigga. This doesn’t make sense, unless that song was a pleasant bit of super-luck. If so, they’d better work much harder next time so they can recreate that magic.

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