Quick Shot of That 100 Proof Ire – Kid Cudi – Satellite Flight: The journey to Mother Moon

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Cleaning a bathroom isn’t my favorite thing to do, but it’s somewhat relaxing to put some music on and focus on that along with such a simple yet tedious task. Kid Cudi, who comes from Northeast Ohio, like me, should never be called on to provide that music again. Satellite Flight easily bested (worsted?) toilet scrubbing, bending over at the back to clean the tub, and attempting to recreate Mrs. Knowledge’s Tetris-like makeup tool placement for most unbearable aspect of the experience. Hand-mopping the floor with an old washcloth provided more satisfaction.

My most pressing argument with Satellite Flight is that it doesn’t feel like hip-hop. This is alternative rock. Cudi sings 95% of the words here, and his singing is irksome to say the least. His voice already isn’t very good, but then the notes that he’s holding are wrong! It’s all bad! There’s even a song with Raphael Saadiq, who must have signed on just so listeners could be reminded of what a real singer is. There’s also four instrumental tracks, which sound better than the singing, and reinforce the space flight motif, but are still nothing to write home about.

Only one song, Too Bad I Have to Destroy You, featured Cudi rapping. It’s about haters, and accordingly, is mediocre. He did at least call haters “jake niggas,” which was an awesome moment because jake is Cleveland-slang for wack or corny.

Hearing some home flavor on a nationally released album is definitely cool, but it’s the only cool thing on this album. Every song sounds like music to slit your wrists to, i.e. really depressing. I know that Cudi isn’t making music for people like me; hardcore hip-hop heads are not his desired core audience. He even had the nerve to say that brag-fueled rapping is holding hip-hop back as a culture, which I find especially irrelevant coming from a guy whose latest album isn’t even hip-hop. I respect his mission to help lonely and suicide-prone kids, and his refusal to stay inside the hip-hop box. But those are the only good things of significance that I can say about the so-called hip-hop product that he makes.

Highlights: none. Watch this video of Cudi actually rapping well, from 2009, with Consequence, on a classic Tribe beat, instead:

And here’s the interview where he talks that shit about braggadocio rap:

If you made it this far, be sure to click the links below, especially the third one directly below. It’s hilarious

5 thoughts on “Quick Shot of That 100 Proof Ire – Kid Cudi – Satellite Flight: The journey to Mother Moon”

  1. “He did at least call haters “jake n—-s,” which was an awesome moment because jake is Cleveland-slang for wack or corny.” haha Knowledge is dropping some knowledge. Anyway, I can’t really talk about this album because I only got through half of it, as it was the first time I attempted to listen to a Cudi album in full, but what is the difference between EP’s and LP’s nowadays? (I know that EP’s used to be on a physically smaller disc, but now…)

    1. This is my first Cudi album too! Day and Night turned me off so much I didn’t ever give him a chance until now. Nowadays EPs are just short albums, usually less than 7 tracks. Because they’re less than 10 songs, I don’t think they get counted as albums for contract fulfillment purposes. Some artists treat them as a way to release more experimental music, others more like mixtapes (collections of random songs).

    1. I haven’t listened to the whole thing yet but I’ve been very unimpressed by the singles, except the one Jake One produced. Did the album get released yet?

      1. Nah, it didn’t get released yet. I have never listened to a Fitty album before, but I sort of want to hear what a dying career sounds like (kind of messed up). I ended up liking that freestyle he did “This Is Murda Not Music”, but he screws up on that by rambling on after just one verse. I was very unimpressed by the singles he dropped, especially the one produced by Dr. Dre, but I haven’t heard the Jake One…erm one yet.

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