Quick Shot of That 100 Proof – Roc Marciano – The Pimpire Strikes Back

Roc Marciano - The Pimpire Strikes Back CoverI really tried with this.

Even the name turned me off. Pimp-ire? Really? The only acceptable reason for such mangling of my favorite inherited language would be naming a comedy album. But Roc Marciano seems to be very serious about The Pimpire Strikes Back. Not serious enough to tell one cohesive story, but pimping does at least serve as a general theme for the album. Between songs are skits with clips from blaxploitation movies that feature pimps, and the beats successfully capture the sound of that era’s Black music. This added much-needed interest to them, and some turned out awesome for it. Many others (especially those that Roc himself made) are still too repetitive or sparse to be any good.

As a contingency plan for the instrumentals that sometimes suck at failing, Roc’s rhymes are always in great position to drop the ball when necessary. His definition-of-monotone delivery and awkward, barely-more-rhythmic-than-talking flow bored me to pieces. As far as content, his verses seem to be collections of random short phrases arbitrarily thrown together:

No regular hoes
Red bones, credit loans, testosterone
My flesh got the coppertone

Roc is the Voltron of wackness: Evidence/Guru’s monotone with Action Bronson’s topical inability and the lazy writing of the worst lean-addicted southern rapper. I seriously can’t think of anything I like about his rhymes.

Still, I wouldn’t say that I hate Pimpire. One song, Sincerely Antique, featuring Willie the Kid and Action Bronson, and quoted above, is very good. Mainly because Alchemist’s beat is literally, objectively, perfect. It also has other rappers who aren’t so bad in comparison, Roc made even me appreciate Action Bronson! Sadly, that and some beat selections are the only commendable aspects of this album.

Highlight: Sincerely Antique.
Maybe Highlights: Take Me Over and Bruh Man (only for the beats)

pats self on back for not making a pimpire-slap joke

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  1. Ehhh. I didn’t listen to this project, but i also don’t like Marcy, his soft-ass voice turned me off, but more than anything, his flow just annoys me so much… STOP WHISPERING!

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