Quick Shot of That 100 Proof: Da Mafia 6ix – 6ix Commandments

Da Mafia 6ix - 6ix Commandments

Surprise surprise! I fucks with Three Six Mafia sometimes. Yeah, I love my boom-bap and lyricism, but I’ve got love for other styles too. Three Six’s crunk (a term they apparently coined) music is one of these styles. And it’s, for me at least, what sets them apart from other southern hip-hop. Instead of slowing things down all the time to talk about sex or drugs, they sometimes have a very hardcore, gangster, mosh-pit energy that resonates with me. Unfortunately, they seemed to abandon this style when they pared the group down to just DJ Paul and Juicy J and started making radio hits. With just two rappers, the stylistic variety that hid the simplistic, often boring lyrics was lost. 

Now, DJ Paul and crew seem to have reformed like Voltron, minus Lord Infamous (RIP), minus Juicy J (mostly), under a slightly new name, and they’re using the old formula again. So yeah, either you like this style or you don’t. If you’ve hated Three Six Mafia before now, neither the name change nor anything else about 6ix Commandments will change your mind at all. This is vintage Three Six Mafia with better beats. But the same spotty sound quality, weak lyrics, and lack of even one ounce of consciousness are all here, unchanged. So, knowing what to expect, I found a lot to like. Of the 10 songs, four really grabbed me: Go Hard featuring Yelawolf, Break Da Law, Remember featuring Lil Wyte, and Body Parts featuring way more rappers than I care to list. All are energetic as hell with perfectly booming low end sounds.

The rest of the mixtape isn’t terrible, just too slow for me. Without the energy, those simple verses are glaring. And while Body Parts is great, and Juicy J MURDERS his verse on it (his only verse on the mixtape), it’s at least five minutes too long. Seriously, the song is nine minutes long! Half of the verses should have been cut! But four out of 10 is enough to get me excited for the album that should be coming sometime this year!

Stream/download 6ix Commandments below, and if you feel the need to be disturbed, google around for the Break Da Law video.


2 thoughts on “Quick Shot of That 100 Proof: Da Mafia 6ix – 6ix Commandments”

  1. I dug this mixtape more than you as I actually like the slow south type stuff because TI accustomed me to it. Body Parts is my favorite song on here and stays as my anthem while riding in my 1992 Toyota Corolla. The last thing I have to mention is that while listening to the leak to Schoolboy Qs album it was so bad I gave up on Q. Just a little warning just in case you were looking forward to it.

    1. Hehe thanks on the Schoolboy Q heads up. I read this comment (forgot to reply) before making my own write-up so it helped me temper my expectations. Anyway I feel like this mixtape slipped under a lot of people’s radar. Maybe I just wasn’t paying enough attention? But it bangs REAL hard! Perfect turn up music!

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