When Did Drake Become Such a Truth-Teller?

Drake’s been in the news lately for some controversial things that he said in a Rolling Stone interview. Number 1, he said that Macklemore’s posting of the apology text message that he sent to Kendrick Lamar after beating him for a Grammy was disingenuous. I totally agree. If he wanted to make a public apology, he should have done it in public from the start, not publicly sharing a private message. I’m trying not to judge Macklemore too harshly, so I’ll just say that that was done in poor taste, and it casts doubts on his motives.

Drake also claimed that everybody else on that nomination list should have gotten an apology, including Drake. Now here, some conflict might exist. Macklemore acknowledges that Kendrick had the better album, and therefore should have won. Following that logic, Drake should have gotten an apology too because his album was also better (probably, I refused to listen to Macklemore’s album after all those garbage singles). But Drake’s statement may also be equating his album with Kendrick’s. And there I can’t agree. Kendrick’s album was the best choice in that list, by a wide margin.

The above already pleasantly surprised the hell out of me. Then I found out that Drake also criticized Jay-z for his fine art references (“corny”) and Kanye for weak lines (“Like that Swag-hili line? Come on man”) on Yeezus!

I don’t know where this version of Drake came from, but I like him! Similar to Kendrick’s verse on “Control”, I really appreciate the show of criticism here. The need for that within hip-hop is part of why I started this site. I’m often asking for journalists to call rappers out, but rappers should be doing it too. Mainstream rappers are way too politically correct lately. No one wants to say anything negative for fear of hurting a relationship.

But constructive criticism is a good thing, even when it goes a bit too far like Drake did when talking about Kanye. It shines a light not only on the criticized but the critic. And it makes bystanders step up to avoid being the next ones criticized. Even though Drake is mad that some of those statements were made public (don’t get fooled by that headline, read his tweets very carefully), he still seems to be standing by what he said. That’s great, but I hope he’s ready for some tough love himself. He already gets a lot but surely more is coming as a result of this interview. And I can’t wait!

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