Weekly Retro, 12/15/13

I really haven’t been up on the news lately, last I heard Kanye was flipping out because rich white people aren’t embracing him and his business ideas. And yelling at interviewers who calmly advise him to empower himself. Is that still happening? I meant to write a short piece collecting my thoughts on that situation but that first linked article really sums it up perfectly. And this is all evidence of what I complained about back in July. Kanye wants so much to be more than a rapper and this lack of focus is ruining his music. Either stop rapping or focus so you can make good rap music! is that so much to ask?


Anyway, I’ve no idea what else is happening. Besides Beyonce’s ninja album, I’d bet nothing important…Oh! One new thing is that Busta Rhymes and Q-Tip dropped a mixtape. I’d be much more excited but it apparently has a lot of old songs I’ve probably heard before. But even with that being the case, I’m encouraged to see some evidence that Busta’s signing to Cash Money Records doesn’t mean that he’ll abandon his past.

In terms of this site, I’ve been on a Southern binge in an attempt to expand my horizons. Too bad I didn’t think anything was good enough. Bun B and Gucci Mane’s albums are already forgotten but Young Dro’s few decent trunk-rattlers, Odds and Hammer Time, still get some play. I also have 2 Chainz’ latest but I can’t make it through the whole thing. Since this masochistic phase is ending, don’t expect any write-up for that cesspool.

I’m way behind on the release list and will probably continue to be, because before trying Joey Bada$$’ latest I’m going for his 1999 mixtape from 2012. Cuz I run this! Given it’s age, I doubt I’ll write a lot about it. And expect a review of Danny Brown’s Old soon. He gets a little weird sometimes but I’m surprised by how conventional some songs on Old are. Turns out that he’s a regular-ass rapper sometimes. And sometimes he’s only kind of weird, on a semi-conventional song.


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