Shots of That 100 Proof Hate: Bun B and Gucci Mane

Alright, so I finally thought of a better name for these. The reviews are called Hasty Generalizations because my ideal review format would require MUCH more time listening than I have available for each album. Most reviewers probably feel the same way, but given a real workload, I doubt any of them can give the subject album more than a few days’ attention before they finish writing. At least I’m admitting this fact every time I write that title. Anyways, I needed a name for these mini-reviews. Where I give my first or second impressions. Of albums that likely won’t get any more of my time. Hopefully the alcohol-theme doesn’t become corny…

Gucci Mane – Diary of a Trap God

GucciManeDiaryOfATrapGodDon’t ask me why I downloaded this. I’ve been trying to listen to everything. That’s my excuse for wasting an hour on this piss when I had two Joey Bada$$ albums waiting. The most interesting thing about Diary of a Trap God is that it’s so terrible. I’ve listened to some really bad music before, but this is inexplicably bad, a new level of migraine-causing shitty. Maybe his near-constant incarceration is the cause for this sounding like someone raided Gucci’s hard drive for random, poorly recorded throwaway verses and used them to throw an album together. I don’t care, Gucci’s finest moment was his so-so verse on Big Boi’s Shine Blockas, and clearly that was a fluke. He is probably everything that’s wrong with hip-hop, and this mixtape has NO redeeming qualities, not even the beats!

Bun B – Trill O.G., The Epilogue

Bun B - Trill O.G. The EpilogueI still think the awarding of 5 mics for Trill OG was bullshit, but that’s somewhat irrelevant nowadays. Bun did deserve some kind of recognition, and he continues to be that dude that rappity-rappers call for a dope feature. And that’s where he excels, not on these solo albums. His flow rarely changes, and his songwriting was never spectacular. The topics on Trill OG Part 8: The Eulogy of This Tired Title failed to move me much, and without a dope rhythm to ride his lyrics are extremely flat:

opinions is like assholes, and I don’t like assholes/
so stick yo opinion, in yo asshole/
…that’s for whoever ain’t me/
you just hatin on a nigga that you know you can’t be/
(from the song Gladiator)

Yup, that’s pretty damn bad. Not Gucci Mane bad but definitely deletable. There are at least some decent spots here tho. Cake has a great bluesy beat that reminds me of old UGK music. On One and The Legendary DJ Screw are also pretty decent songs for the same reason. Bun B works best in this zone, but most of this album has him in some sort of battle-emcee mode that I find really boring. Like I showed above, his punchlines just don’t come close to pulling off that style. All in all, another straightforward, mostly boring album from Bun B. He needs to either stick to features or fully embrace the blues.



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