Hasty Generalization: The Underachievers – The Lords of Flatbush

Lords of Flatbush cover
Nah man I can’t come outside. My mom flipped about my report card and now I’m on punishment till my grades come up. But pass me that joint real quick while she watchin the Housewives marathon!

I liked The Underachievers’ Indigoism so much that months later, I’m still playing it and digesting the lyrics. My only real problems with it were the apparent obsession with drugs and monotonous word choices. Well now, these boys from Brooklyn are back with a new mixtape, The Lords of Flatbush, but instead of addressing the above problems (I’m sure they read my review and were horrified to realize that I was displeased), AK and Issa Dash chose to preserve them and add a heaping helping of basic, slow, southern-influenced beats. So yup, color me annoyed.

The Lords of Flatbush was clearly made to be enjoyed while under the influence, which is ok, I guess, when it works.  But it often doesn’t work here, because these 2 Chainz throwaway beats don’t mesh well with the rappers’ lyrical style. They aren’t made for super-fast rapping, unlike the spacey and rhythmically interesting beats that Indigoism had.

My other big problem with TLoF is that while I’m used to The Underachievers spending way more time talking about consciousness than actually having conscious thoughts, the disparity between the two modes is extremely pronounced here. There are only 8 songs on this mixtape. While that fact may make one expect a distillation of The Underachievers’ formula, one would instead find that interesting topical songs are abandoned in favor of drug anthems and “I’m cooler than you” bragging.

Not everything is bad here. Leavin Scraps, Cold Crush, and N.A.S.A. are all pretty decent, especially N.A.S.A. with its name-appropriate spacey beat. But the other two thirds of TLoF is boring at best, which I should have expected since two song titles are Flexing and Still Shining. I don’t know why The Underachievers chose to go in such a different direction with this mixtape. They have a lot of potential and room to grow but it seems they’re more interested in moving laterally towards sounding like everybody else. Such a waste.

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