Prodigy x Alchemist – Albert Einstein

where can I buy this in poster form?

I don’t have too much to say about this album. If this were a review I’d just describe each song, but even in that context, doing so would be a waste of time. Because stylistically, we all know what we’re in for when these two hook up. Alchemist brings rugged sample-based beats, and Prodigy brings tough-guy rhymes galore. The only question worth asking is, is it good? The answer is definitely yes, but there’s one qualification that has to be spoken: the unerring focus may get somewhat old for you, like it did for me.

As seen in Sean Price’s Mic Tyson, and the Demigodz’ Killmatic, maintaining the same energy over the course of this many songs that are this similar is tough, probably impossible. And by similar I mean that this album NEVER branches out. So when I wrote that piece a week or two back, about this and some other new joints that I had been playing, I was real happy with Albert Einstein because I had only listened to tracks 1 through 5. But 11 tracks later I felt like I had heard those same 5 on repeat for an hour, with an appropriately increasing boredom level.

The features here aren’t great either. In fact, none of them are good. I don’t know much about Roc Marciano but his boring verse definitely didn’t do anything for the already boring Death Sentence. The same goes for Havoc and Raekwon’s performances on R.I.P.

Meanwhile, Curb Ya Dog and Say My Name are just perfect, showing that beats that challenge Prodigy bring out his best verses. Yeah I wish some songs had gotten cut, but I’m still happy with Albert Einstein. Despite having such a basic premise, it delivered a lot of good, basic hip-hop.

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