What I’m Playing aka I Swear New Content is Coming Real Soon!

Without fail, the beginning of the summer is always really hectic for me. I think that’s due to better weather meaning that this is when more social events happen, plus school just let out so prime vacation time has arrived. For me, this year, this is manifesting in 1) family visits damn near every weekend, 2) cookouts to attend on those same weekends, 3) my friend’s wedding, 4) birthdays for the myriad children conceived during the cold months when sex is the best way to pass the time, 5) and some good old-fashioned family drama. Suffice to say my mind has been elsewhere besides this site.

But there’s still a lot of music out there that needs my ornery well-thought-out opinion! So I’ve got some reviews planned for next week, and I figured I could end my content-draught a few days earlier foreshadow them a bit by giving my high-level thoughts on the music. Maybe I’ll make this a regular thing:

Astro – Deadbeats and Lazy Lyrics mixtape

This kid apparently was on the X-Factor and (not surprisingly) lost. Not that he’s bad in any way, in fact, he’s a rapper’s rapper. But those talent search type reality shows aren’t really made for Black music, especially hip-hop, so I wouldn’t expect a rapper to ever be that successful in one. So, now making moves on his own, he released this dope mixtape back in February. It’s dope on its own, regardless of his age.

Freely download Deadbeats and Lazy Lyrics here on his website, and check out my reaction to its single, He Fell Off.

Kanye West – Yeezus

Every hip-hop music critic has to be listening to this. Kanye is too big to not at least give Yeezus a cursory listen. So I took the plunge, and if my expectations were above -78 I’d be very disappointed. As a College Dropout fan, I don’t think anyone would be surprised by my reaction. Kanye stopped making music for people like me a loooong time ago. Still, at least My Beautiful Dark Foreboding Depressing Weird-as-Shit Worst-Cover-Art Fantasy-of-Defiling-a-Poorly-Drawn-Angel had Monster, a song whose dopeness cannot be denied. I miss Kanye the hip-hop guy! For hilarity, check this quote from Big Ghost’s predictably negative review:

That ni**a Yeezy probably thought to hisself….’Dis shit pruhVAWKative’ tho. Apparently CyHi the Snore Gawd n Lupe “12 black belts n 10 PhDs” Fiasco had sumn to do wit this too.

Prodigy & Alchemist – Albert Einstein

This would seem to be right up my alley, but actually Prodigy usually bores me. Sure I never paid him much attention outside of Mobb Deep’s albums, but the later ones’s lazy lyrics were enough for me to decide that P had fallen off. So Alchemist’s beats were the reason why I decided to give this a try, and man am I happy that I did! I’ve only listened to 5 songs so far but they were all at least pretty damn good. In the hook of one song Prodigy says he’ll “beat you till you ‘lavenduh.'” That may not read as well as it sounds, so just trust me when I say it flows well and shows some sorely needed creativity. I haven’t heard Prodigy sound this good in a long while.

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