Hasty Generalization – Mayhem Lauren and Pusha T

Meyhem Lauren – Respect The Fly Shit

Respect The Fly Shit cover
Message to rappers: stop letting your cover-art out-rhyme you

Meyhem Lauren reminds me of Sean Price, in that he doesn’t try to be much more than a grimy New York rapper. But where Sean Price has lyricism and humor to keep you interested, Meyhem’s style is completely straightforward. I mean, his flow is alright but he has nothing new to say and no interesting ways to say what he is saying. The beats he’s chosen for this mixtape are all pretty good, but none were good enough to hold a song down by themselves while he talks the same old New York tough-guy shit. This album is just a big bowl of meh.

 2/5 Hardcore fans of this style might appreciate it, everyone else should keep it moving.

 Pusha T – The Wrath of Caine

Wrath of Caine cover
It’s the title spelled out in cocaine! Surely, a sign of clever things to come

I knew not to expect much from this mixtape, yet Terrence “Pusha T” Thornton formerly of Clipse still managed to disappoint me. To me, Clipse only worked well as a group. Even though Malice was clearly the better rapper out of the two, the music needed Pusha’s simplicity for balance. Then Malice decided to become a Christian rapper and ruined everything! Now he’s calling himself No Malice, he’s doing crappy gospel rap songs, and poor Pusha T has to hold himself down now. But I’ll talk about Clipse in another post, this is about Pusha’s wack mixtape.

See, Pusha was never meant to do songs by himself. Some people just aren’t good enough for solo work. They need other people to reel in their dumb ideas help refine their work, and to inspire them to write better lyrics. Even though Pusha signed to GOOD Music, Kanye seemed to have no influence here. His quality control is sorely missing. So this is 11 tracks of Pusha talking drugs, girls, and money. No clever lyricism of any sort to replace the wordplay that Malice would provide in a Clipse song. No real introspection. The beats are boring and many have the worst kind of Southern influence. I hoped Pusha could at least deliver a few good mindless songs, like the singles from Clipse’s last album, Til the Casket Drops. But no, nothing here can even fantasize about the quality of I’m Good and Popular Demand. This joint is abyssmal, and likely signals just how bad Pusha’s solo album will be.

1/5 Say no to drugs kids

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