Last Week’s New R&B

Last week was very hit or miss on the R&B tip. Both RL and Donell Jones disappointed with weak-ass medi. Donell’s song at least stuck to his bluesy sound, but I don’t know why the hell RL is trying to make average R&B for teens. I really wish more singers would decide to count on the 30-and-up crowd for sales and stop trying to appeal to kids. Anyway here’s two singles that caught my ear:
PJ Morton – Only One
My girl loved this guy’s early stuff, but then he signed to Young Money and she figured things would go downhill from there. It seemed that she was right, but this here shows that, in the least, his major debut might run the gamut from garbage to pretty damn good. Nope, I refuse to be any more positive than that. Not even a Stevie Wonder solo can erase the memory of that other song.

Cee-Lo Green – Only You ft Lauriana Mae
What has singer Cee-Lo ever done wrong besides burying rapper Cee-Lo in the backyard? Every song like this makes that crime so forgettable. He’s got a new album coming, and I’m boosted!

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