Last Week’s New Hip-Hop part 2

Saigon – Our Babies 2 (It’s A Crazy World)
So…the beat is decent, the flows are pretty much what we expect from Saigon. Nothing spectacular really, but I really appreciate some of the topics he touches. Some things he mentions are the fact that Bin Laden wasn’t given a trial but was plain-old assassinated, that Black men (grossly) disproportionately make up the US’ prison population, and that people are doing really dumb shit on film just get on WorldStarHipHop. All good points. Too bad they weren’t made in a better song.
Skyzoo – Phone Calls
Even if you don’t know exactly what Skyzoo is talking about you can still recognize that he’s dope. This song, apparently the first in a series of Skyzoo songs with jazzy instrumentals, shows why that is the case. He does a stream-of-consciousness take on intro/retrospection, and in the end it sounds really good. No small part of that greatness is the beat, coming from an old Madlib beattape called Shades of Blue. Skyzoo picked a good one here, the sad flute and his imagery work to raise his rhymes above an average story about his decision to rap instead of selling drugs.

Astro – He Fell Off
Dude looks like 14, but spits like he’s been listening since ‘84. Clearly someone played a lotta classic shit for this kid and he soaked it all up. It also doesn’t hurt that the beat uses a classic hip-hop drum loop and an awesome sax sample. He’s got an album coming in a few weeks that I’ll definitely be checking for.