Last Week’s New Hip-Hop part 1

Action Bronson – Strictly 4 The Jeeps
This joint bangs sooooo hard. Starts out with the Mtume – Juicyfruit sample then flips it into some complete other shit that definitely warrants the song title. Bronson’s style is growing on me a bit, I’ve been trying to get into this guy but his flow on what I’ve heard so far has been pretty basic.

Hollywood FLOSS – Break It Down ft STS and Rob Jay
Another joint where the beat is the star. Not that the emcees are bad, but you’re not listening to this one looking for Rakim talent. Just a head-knodding instrumental and some emcees who ride it well and a catchy hook. All parts are accounted for here. 
Kooley High – Freq Freq ft Clear Soul Forces
This is my late pass to Kooley High. I really appreciate the 90s aesthetic there, a simple jazzy beat, and some of the rawest raps heard in a minute. Fuck 16s and a traditional hook, just keep spittin till the next dude jumps in. 
Warm Brew – Proper Amount
Saved the best for last! Another old-school sample in the beginning, then some smooth-ass West Coast shit starts. The rhymes are just as good, fitting perfectly with the laid-back beat but are not lazy at all. Check their album here and expect a review soon

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